The Best Gadgets and Tools for Digital Nomads

The Best Gadgets and Tools for Digital Nomads

The most extreme example of lifestyle design is undoubtedly becoming a digital nomad. A digital nomad is someone who works on the move while travelling the world. Digital because they earn a living using nothing but a laptop and a WiFi connection, nomad because they travel from country to country and never stay long enough to call anywhere home.

There are countless benefits to this kind of lifestyle. Not only do you get to see the world and have incredible experiences, you also get to enjoy complete freedom with nothing tying you down to any one place.

But of course working constantly on the move can be a challenge sometimes. Things like batteries running out, translation problems and lack of space in a backpack can all be an issue. Read on then and we?ll look at some of the best things to pack that will make life that little bit easier?

Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel is a full-sized towel made of a unique material. This thin material can be folded into a small ball that?s compact enough to fit in a pocket and it dries in minutes. That means you can stuff it into a backpack with your other items and not have to worry about it getting things wet or taking up space. Otherwise though, it works just like any other towel!

Microsoft Folding Keyboard

There are many good keyboards out there but the Microsoft Folding Keyboard has a ton of advantages for anyone who travels a lot. This keyboard folds in half and is slim enough to fit in a pocket. It has a battery that lasts for ages, can sync to two separate devices and is even water resistant against splashes. All this makes it perfect for bringing on a trip and then using with your smartphone when your laptop battery runs out.

Portable Charging Block

One crucial item for anyone travelling while working is a portable charging block. This is a small device that you can charge up and then use to restore power to a range of other devices. That way you can stop your phone or even a small tablet computer from dying while you?re on the move!

Surface 3

Not the Surface Pro 3, but just the plain old Surface 3. This is an ideal choice of laptop/tablet that is incredibly thin and light and has great battery life. At the same time though, it is also able to run legacy Windows software, so you get all your usual Microsoft Office apps and even things like Photoshop will run.

Notepad and Pen

The notepad and pen is sorely overlooked when it comes to lists like this. But it can save your neck in more than one situation!

Not only does a notepad and pen give you a ?second screen? essentially for taking notes etc. while working but it also gives you something you can play games with, draw with and even communicate with. Struggling to order chicken in a restaurant? Get out your pen and paper and draw a chicken!

Now what about your Marketing Tools??

Quality marketing tools are usually expensive. And the cost soon adds up. But these tools are essential to your business. What do you do?

Simple. Get the most complete marketing platform on the planet – every quality tool you could ever need in just one dashboard – WITHOUT the hefty price tag!

When You Get Started With BuilderALL you Can Kiss All Other Tools?And Their Costly?Price tags Goodbye!

Hope that these tips help you to become the next internet success story.

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