Speechelo Review- The Best Guide

So… what is speechelo?

Speechelo is a text-to-speech software and it has been created by Vlad and Stoica, the ‘blaster suite' guys. They've created some great software previously and I was very excited about speechelo.

Speechelo is an easy to use, natural sounding, text-to-speech software that you just put the script into the text area and it converts whatever you type into speech in a flash.  There are 30 voices in the basic version which increases to 60 if you buy the pro version. It can also convert the speech into whatever language you select…and there are around 23 languages available so far.

If you use the standard voice you get the options to add effects such as breathing, emphasizing words for adjusting the speech or adding the pauses. These options allow you to add the sound of a person breathing while speaking You can also emphasize words. When you highlight certain words. You can adjust the speed with which a person speaks, and you can also add a pause.


There is also a very interesting feature which is the AI voice. While it does not let you use these effects like breathing or emphasizing words for adjusting the speech or adding the pauses, what it does is it changes the tone of the text and you'll see how easy it is and how human it sounds. It's actually very impressive.

If you go to a freelancer to get voice overs done it takes a whole lot of cash, and a lot of time as well. This is one of the best “voice to speech” products that I've seen, hands down.

if you're going into video sales marketing this is a must have addition to your marketing arsenal.

Take a look Here for More Info & Bonuses.

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