Keep your mind sharp

You Need To Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age.

It?s normal to experience changes in your brain throughout your life. As you go through middle age and beyond, your brain will slowly shrink. This is all completely normal and while it sounds frightening, you don?t have to be scared. With the right plan, you can – if you work on it – actually grow your brain even if it?s already started shrinking. Lets explore Why You Need To? KeepYour Mind Sharp as You Age.

Keep Your Independence Longer

If you can take care of yourself and remember to pay your bills, turn off the stove, and that type of thing, you will be able to be independent a lot longer than if you can?t do those things. Working on improving your memory and brain function now, even if you have no mental or cognitive decline at all, will ensure that you will put it off even longer.

Ward off Dementia

Even though a large percentage of people over 70 have some form of dementia, you can certainly lessen the effects by working on your mental and physical health. Eating right, keeping your mind sharp by reading, doing new things, and living an active life is your best defense against any illness and costs less than medical intervention.

Improve Your Memory

Being able to remember to take your meds, or even remember what day it is, is an important factor in being able to live on your own. If you cannot remember what day it is, it?s hard to remember to pay your light bill or buy the right amount of food to eat. Don?t worry, though; even if you have a hard time remembering things now, you can learn methods to make it easier.

Experience Better Health in General

Taking care of your brain health will naturally rub off into creating a situation where your entire body is healthier. The main reason is that the same thing that keeps your brain healthy will maintain your general health. Eating right, drinking plenty of water, getting exercise, resting, and reducing stress are good for you all the way around.

Enjoy Your Retirement More

When you can be independent, remember your scheduled evening out with friends, and remember to pay your bills, you will obviously enjoy your retirement more. It's more pleasurable if you?re healthy and your mind is sharp. You?ll have a lot more fun because you will be free of other worries once you retire, and you?re likely to earn more money longer due to having a sharp mind.

Keeping your mind sharp pays off in more than one way. Being independent as long as humanly possible is also a massive benefit to the rest of your family. The less your family worries about you, the more independent you can be, for longer. It?s a lot less expensive for you to stay independent.

So, In our next Post we'll move on to look at things you can do to make your life better and to keep your mind sharp as you age.

See you there.


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