How to be Anything You Want to Be

How to be Anything You Want to Be

TrappedToo many of us are trapped in the work we do because we think it?s the only way to get what we want out of life. No matter what your job, the assumption is normally that you can work harder and work longer and that way earn enough money to stop worrying about finances, possibly to move abroad, maybe to buy your ideal home.

This is how you can make life the way you want it and thus you can no option but to work harder and work longer ? especially as the costs of living start going up and you find yourself with more and more responsibility.

But the irony is that you?re doing all this work to succeed at something you probably never really had much interest in. You probably never intended to get into logistics, or administration and so why are you bending over backwards to make it work?

What about that dream to be a painter? A writer? Or a singer?

The irony is that you can still do all those things. And moreover, there?s no need for you to be working such long painful hours?

How to be What You Want to Be

Our problem is that we put far too much stock in our careers. We define ourselves by our jobs and we often ask people when we meet them at parties: what do you do for a living?

In fact though, neither your success nor your income is necessarily tied to your day job and there are many ways to be successful that don?t involve working harder.

Want to become a singer? The easiest way to do that is to create a YouTube channel where people can see you singing and then to promote that. If you?re good at what you do, you?ll get the subscribers and you can earn a side income from it!

Likewise, if you want to be an artist then you can start creating art in your spare time and use that to earn extra income by selling online or through local restaurants etc.

In other words, you don?t need to be successful in your job to be what you want to be ? in fact the two are often diametrically opposed. The objective should instead be to gain more free time by working less and then to use that free time to pursue the hobbies and activities that you?re passionate about. Now you have the stability that comes from employment but also the chance to fulfil your dreams and to be successful doing what it is you love.

And guLifestyle designess what? As soon as you put pen to paper, you are a writer. As soon as you make a sculpture you are a sculptor. It?s that easy to be what you want to be: it?s only being successful that?s hard! But if you already have an income and you love what you do, does that even matter?

Most of us already have the means to live the life we want but we get too caught up in the rat race to realize it!

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