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Welcome and Thank you for visiting this site!

I'm Robert, I live in Trinidad & Tobago and I'm now embarking on a new career in Online Marketing.

I started out as a Professional Diver and then became a Commercial Helicopter Pilot and flew for the oil & gas industry for many years. I then went back into Marine Construction where I've been a Project/Operations Manager for many, many more years.

I've always been fascinated with the internet and have joined the legion of hopefuls who have purchased and tested most of the great (and many of the not so great) software tools and training programs offered in the last few years. I'm now very familiar with setting up websites, and testing and using quite a variety of software tools.

I'm hopeful that I can now put these skills to good use and begin helping others while generating an online income for myself. My First goal is to learn proper affiliate marketing techniques and List Building.

I’m looking forward to you joining me on this and hope that you will enjoy going through it and having fun while learning some helpful tips and maybe even creating a richer Life in Style, Health, and Wealth… 🙂

This site was built with you in mind and I really hope you will find it useful.

Your comments or questions are welcome.